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FAQ Facility Rentals

  • To whom are facility rentals available at BRAHM?

    Rentals are available to BRAHM members at the $150 level (Friend level) and above. Non-members have the option of becoming a Member or giving a minimum donation of $150 to BRAHM. Non-profits, civic organizations, local government entities, corporations, businesses, and private individuals may rent space(s) at BRAHM.

  • What spaces are available for parties and receptions?

    Please refer to the chart on our main Facility Rental page for exact spaces available. Please note: No food or drink can be brought into the galleries.

  • How many people can the Museum accommodate?

    For a seated meal, the Community Meeting Room can accommodate up to 80 guests. For a standing reception, the Community Meeting Room and Upper Level Atrium can accommodate up to 125 guests. Please refer to the chart on our main Facility Rental page for more details on the number of guests each room holds..

  • When can my event take place?

    Facility rentals are scheduled when the Museum is closed to the public. Exceptions include an event by a non-profit, civic organization or local government entity during the week.

  • Does the Museum provide catering services, or are we required to use a specific caterer?

    The Museum does not cater events. A list of our approved caterers can be provided upon request.

  • What equipment is included in the facility rental price quote? Who sets up for my event?

    Up to 10 6-foot rectangular tables, up to 10 5-foot round tables, up to 6 Charleston Forge café tables, and up to 200 padded conference chairs are available. The setup and breakdown of all tables and chairs is included in the base rental flat-rate. Minimal decorating is possible with prior approval. All decorations are to be provided and handled by the renter.

  • What equipment is not included in the preliminary facility rental price quote?

    The Museum does not provide linens, silverware, plates, glassware, serving ware, dancefloor, or decorations for rental events. If your caterer is unable to provide these items, there are several party rental services in the area.

  • What are options for hosting a bar at my event?

    BRAHM’s beverage license requires that all alcohol consumed on Museum premises be purchased by the museum and served by trained staff members. Additional information about hosting a bar is available upon request.