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Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Southern Strands: North Carolina Fiber Art

May 25 - October 27, 2019

Textiles and fibers have a strong place within craft heritage and history in North Carolina.  Women's history is also deeply rooted in fibers and textiles, which offers another branch to these craft heritage stories that deserve recognition and appreciation.  The western region of North Carolina is key to this story, given the histories and contributions of places like Penland School of Crafts, Crossnore School, the John C. Campbell Folk School, and others.  This display of work by contemporary fiber and textile artists working across the state of North Carolina seeks to highlight and encourage appreciation for the cultural history and heritage of this craft.

Southern Strands will feature artists who work with sustainable and environmentally conscious materials, artists whose work reflects the way the textile industry had grown and changed in the south, artists who keep up traditional craft heritage techniques, as well as a few artists who are creating new ways to work with fibers and textiles as a contemporary medium.  This exhibition will show a diverse range of artwork created with a variety of fiber materials and masterful techniques.

Sponsored by the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.