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Our goal is to provide some creative light to these uncertain and challenging times.

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Creative Spark: Consider - Challenge - Celebrate

Creative Spark: Consider - Challenge - Celebrate

For today's creative spark, we have three offerings to engage our minds in a productive, creative way. Here are three things to consider, to challenge, and to celebrate. Let us know your thoughts!

To Consider

Why does art matter? We came across this interesting article, "The Value of Art -- Why Should we Care?" and just had to share.

Why does art matter to you?

To Challenge

Ahhh... the 1970s. A time of radical change and a plethora of progressive movements.

How familiar are you with some of the art from the 70s?

Take this quiz and let us know your score! 

To Celebrate

Every year, The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY hosts an event called the School Block Challenge, which seeks to promote the cherished art of quilting to our youngest generation of artists all over the country. Entries are required to use a selection of 3 fabrics by #modafabrics.

Big shout out to congratulate Hannah Williams of Sunflower Academy, Amsterdam, MO for her breathtaking 2020 winning piece (5th-8th grade), titled "Friends"! Congratulations Hannah!! Well done!