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Our goal is to provide some creative light to these uncertain and challenging times.

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Weekly artist inspiration: Frida Kahlo

Weekly artist inspiration: Frida Kahlo

As we experience a collective at-home confinement, who better to celebrate than Frida? Here we see her 1940 “Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns”

We hope you will be inspired to create your own self portrait (with or without your pets!) in the style of Frida Kahlo.

---> Join us on Tuesday, 3/24 when Ms. Jennifer will lead us in a guided art instruction inspired by Kahlo <---


Frida is one of many famous artists whose creative journey included long stretches of confinement. Hers was due to both a childhood disease, as well as a near fatal accident in her teen years. This left her with a multitude of health problems which plagued her through her life and often kept her confined to her home and garden with her many pets.
Being an artist at home, alone, she painted many expressive self portraits.


Young artists might watch this short video about her life here:

Adults might enjoy this longer video from Several Circles: