August 19 - November 11, 2017

Impressions of the Land features painted landscapes completed around the late 19th through the early 20th century by American artists, including Anthony Thieme, Charles Curtis Allen, George Gardner Symons, Mabel May Woodward, Phillip Little, William Merritt Chase, Aldro Hibbard, and Lawrence Mazzanovich, among others. The rise of the Industrial Age brought machinery and advanced technologies into peoples everyday lives, inspiring many artists to return to the land with new ideas about our relationship with nature and our place within it. Following in France’s footsteps, many American artists painted landscapes in the Impressionist style, focusing on the use of light and small, quick brushstrokes to capture the fleeting scenes in front of their eyes. Other artists incorporated tonalism and romanticism alongside these impressionistic techniques, exploring perceptions of the landscape, nature, and the outdoors during a time of cultural change.

This exhibition is sponsored by Alton & Linda Russell.

American Paintings

Image Credit: George Gardner Symons. "Canal Cut, Pennsylvania." Oil on canvas board. BRAHM Permanent Collection.